Ray Wills - Chamber of Commerce and Industry
of Western Australia


Beween July 2004 and July 2006 I was a senior adviser with the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI), a not-for-profit, member-based organisation, and the largest business peak body in WA and the second largest business lobby in Australia.

I worked in CCI’s Economics and Industry Policy Division contributing at a senior level to strategic planning and development of CCI policy, and as an advocate for industry on a regular basis.

I provided advice to CCI on energy, resources, water and greenhouse policy in a wide-ranging, market-focused role. I am also the lead adviser on technology, communications and science matters.

Externally, I participated in a range of Government consultative committees, project steering committees, and industry reference groups. Within CCI, I served as executive officer supporting the CCI's Resource and Energy, Chemical Industries and Extractive Industries committees, each made up of up of up to 25 senior executives or managers representing their companies as a member of the CCI. I also co-ordinated five of CCI’s informal reference groups on geenhouse, water, electricity, gas, and renewable energy.

In 2006 I gave a range of talks on the Science of Greenhouse for a number of groups including:

  • The Australian Institue of Energy - "The Science In Global Warming and the Consequences for Greenhouse Earth" presented Wednesday 15th February 2006. http://www.aie.org.au/past.htm
  • The WA Sustainable Energy Association (WASEA) - Debate on journalism and greenhouse - Thursday 18 May 2006. http://www.wasea.com.au/
  • GHD to contribute to a forum on global warming and business on 29 June 2006 put together by GHD. I joined a panel discussion following presentations by Dr Chris Lund and Jake DeBoer from GHD on the topic "Greenhouse Gas - More than Hot Air". The forum was part of GHD's Sustainability Seminars for 2006.

See other talks here.


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