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In an ongoing role since 1996, I have held the honorary appointment of Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment (formerly the Department of Geography, and then the School of Earth and Geographical Sciences) at the University of Western Australia. In June 2009 I was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor in recognition of my contribution to the University and its programs.

In 2002, I have been engaged in various elements of teaching as a Senior Lecturer (part-time) for the 3rd Year Course on Environmental Change (EART3320), a course that examines the roles of natural variability, human impact and models for the understanding of processes on the global scale form a major component of the unit. Emphasis is given in lectures to techniques and approaches for investigating change, while the program of workshops and reading focuses on following scientific debate on key questions, and reporting on the effects of expected future climates as a consequence of global warming on important environmental and socio-economic issues for Australia. In the first few years, I was also responsible for setting and assessing assignments and exams for the course.

As Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, I have also supervised a range of undergraduate (including Honours) and postgraduate research projects, and provide advice to staff and students within my areas of expertise. I was consulted in the review of the structure of the Earth Sciences group at UWA and have also contributed to strategic planning workshops for the development of the new School of Earth and Geographical Sciences - now the School of Earth and Environment.

Global warming is not just warming the atmosphere - it is a lot more including CO2 change, warming oceans, changing ocean chemistry, and melting ice caps to name a few - these are all measured, actual changes without precedent in the last 750 000 years, and very probably the last 25 million years.

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