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If you are looking for Ray Wills, you've found me. (And that's a very old picture).

Given the frequency of mispelling of my name, if you are looking for Ray Willis, that is probably me too.

Possibly Ray Walls, and even Roy Wallis and on rare occasion even Ray Hills, or my personal fav, Ray Wukks. Rat Wars is well within the realms of possibility.

Note I am not the actor Ray Wills who plays in Broadway, TV and movies - including the Broadway production of Mel Brooks The Producers - and who scarily is about the same age as me.

Nor am I the fictional Special Agent Ray Wills played by actor Corey Johnson in the Bourne Identity.

I have not appeared in the X-Files, and descriptions of me resembling John Malkovich greatly exagerrated the similarities (no really - google images of John! Or go to wiki.).

But the picture of me above was taken a long, long time ago, in an existence far, far away...(Uhmm - it was a Melbourne Cup race day lunch thingy!)

These pages were created last century and updated ever since - mostly they are up to date but some places might not be quite so!

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I have had a wide-ranging career at different times as researcher, academic, planner, consultant, adviser, manager and executive. My work has included research examining the roles of natural variability, and human impact, on the planet, and the effects of expected future climates on important environmental and socio-economic issues for Australia and the Earth.

I am a recognised expert in ecology, sustainability, climate change science and the effects of expected future climates on important environmental and socio-economic issues for Australia, and policy formulation including market-based tools.

I am Managing Director and joint owner of Future Smart Strategies - a professional services company based in Perth specialising in strategic and reputational advice to business on market opportunities, business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, government processes, and managing government and external relations and reputation.

I am also Leader Western Australia for Blue Australasia - a new Australian company that seeks to implement the vision of the Blue Economy and to bring about an alternative means of creating prosperity and abundance. We call this model Plan BE. We connect with national and global leaders in systems thinking, complexity theory, biomimicry and integrative design. We implement these ideas through vehicles such as strategic advisory, communications, finance and networking.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at the School of Earth and Environment, The University of Western Australia where I teach on a casual basis and provide dvice to the University on sustainabilty and media commentary on the roles of natural variability and human impact on environmental change, and discusses economics, international law and politics. See also the need for action on climate, climate politics in action and information on climate change.

Director, BioTek Fuels Pty Ltd, a bioenergy startup developing and applying innovative solutions for the production of foods, fertilisers, energy and treated water, from residues and wastes using integrated renewable energy plants, particularly biomass, as a fuel source.

Partner and Director, Sun Brilliance Power Pty Ltd, a cleantech business delivering energy technology for remote, domestic, commercial and industrial use including: solar PV, solar hot water, solar HVAC, solar pumps, energy storage, solar streetlights, & LED lights with operations in both Australia and India, and later in 2015 expanding into Singapore.

I am a member of the Australian Institute of Energy's WA Branch Committee.

Formerly I have been a member of a number of policy groups including the Federal Government's Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism Energy Efficiency Consultative Committee, the WA Government's High Level Stakeholder Group on Greenhouse, the WA Land Information System's (WALIS) Advisory Committee, and the Board of the Stlirling City Centre Alliance.

Disturbingly, many other grave problems are being experienced as a consequence of environmental change including COs release, such as ocean acidification, global food security, fisheries depletion, deforestation (irrespective of the greenhouse issue), habitat fragmentation, biodiversity loss, overpopulation are a few - we are doing a fine job on the planet, and ironically the suite of problems are all often precursors to the overall problem and solutions to global warming will in large part address the other issues (and I can add obesity and diabetes and a range of other modern human ailments...)  

I do a whole range of different talks for professional and community audiences on environmental change and climate change, and on the science and economics of global warming (see here), but also on a range of other subjects - including conservation, natural resource management - another example is here.

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From 2007 to 2012 I was Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Association, one of Australia's largest energy peak bodies. As CEO I was the key representative, strategist and an industry advocate, appraising changing policy landscapes and preparing appropriate responses to government on behalf of SEA's more than 350 members.

In my time as CEO of SEA, I achieved rapid growth of membership and revenues, and to the delight and accolade of members, substantially increased the relevance and influence of SEA. Key measures include substantial increase in SEA profile in the media influencing the debate on sustainable energy with more than 400 media releases from SEA prepared in the past five years.

My role also gained SEA recognition from relevant Ministers and government agencies at State and Federal level, with my work successfully negotiating policy changes from regulators, and obtaining commitments in policy development from decision makers to the benefit of members the industry, and the Australian economy as a whole.

Between 2012 and 014 I was a Board Member and Deputy Chair.

Prof Ray Wills


Ray Wills

Between 2006 and 2007 I was Manager of Sustainability Services with SMEC - the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation – a global company with almost 3000 employees in 14 countries that in 2006 was listed at 70 in 'The Top 200 International Design Firms'.

Based in Perth but national in outlook, I led and managed the three Sustainablity Services teams within SMEC’s Environment and Planning group - Ecological Survey, Environmental Audit, and Renewable Energy and Greenhouse

While at SMEC I was a member of several policy committees with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, including Deputy Chair of the CCIs Climate Change Committee.


Between July 2004 and August 2006 I was a senior adviser with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia.

The WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI), the largest business peak body in WA and the second largest business lobby in Australia. I worked in CCI’s Economics and Industry Policy Division as a key adviser and as an industry advocate across the energy and resource industries, including the chemical, extractive, and water sectors, and encompassing the growing issue of enhanced greenhouse effect, as well as the areas of technology and science.  I contributed at a senior level to strategic planning and development of CCI policy, particularly focused on market issues.

Opposite is the gas-fired power station at Esperance operated by Burns Roe Worley which I visited in October 2005.


Between April 2001 and July 2004 I was Principal Research Officer with the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia.

(This is me in Prague in 2001 at the 10th International Anticorruption Conference run by Transparency International)

Ray Wills

In 2003 I worked in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a Researcher and Adviser (volunteer) with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) - an independent Foundation supported by 18 governments undertaking research, operational assistance and contributions to the implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty. I was invited to assist Dr Ian McLean, an internationally recognised expert on dog behaviour who provides scientific input to studies initiated by GICHD.

From left to right is Inayatadullah, me, Ian, Rebecca, Asif and Mohammed.

Beween March 1996 and April 2001, I was Senior Ecologist with the Science Division of the Botanic Garden and Parks Authority. I was directing and conducting research to provide information for the ecologically-based management of urban bushland managed by Kings Park.

I led a team of researchers in ecology, including postgraduate students, to work with the Botanic Garden and Parks Authority. My work included close collaboration with researchers from universities (eg. Geography and Botany, UWA), government and private industry.

I participated (as a representative of Botanic Garden and Parks Authority) in Revegetation for the Future, a collaborative team of government agencies, non-government organisations, private industry and community groups interested in bringing back the bush, and facilitated by Greening Western Australia. The loss of the bush, in both cultural and biological senses, cannot be left as a legacy for the next generation. Bringing back the bush is as much about people, both individuals and communities, as it is about vegetation management. It is as much a concern for people in the city and regional centres as it is for rural land owners. It is in particular about a viable environmental future for our children - that (in a global sense) is perhaps the most important.

The picture was taken in 1999 in tuart forest in the Yalgorup National Park south of Mandurah

Ray Wills

I have spent some time with the Sail Training Association of Western Australia - on board the Leeuwin II

This picture was taken in Lucky Bay in 1999.


Follow these hypertext links if you would like to know about:

And for more information on dieback, check out Giles Hardy's Murdoch University web site.

You may be interested to know about:

All this and more is summarised in my Curriculum Vitae.

I belong to the Ecological Society of Australia and active in various roles including Vice President (2000 - 2003), Hon Secretary (1998 - 1999), ESA Bulletin editor (1994-1997), co-convenor of the Symposia "Plant Diseases In Ecosystems" held in April 1994 in Western Australia, "Ecology for Everyone - communicating ecology to scientists, the public and the politicians" which was held as part of the 1996 ESA Meeting in Townsville, Queensland, and one of the organisers of ESA99,held in Fremantle in September 1999.

ESA Council 2003 - well most of them, and some extras...

I also once belonged to the Wildflower Society of Western Australia (WFSWA) and the Society for Growing Australian Plants.

I have been helping Coolbinia Primary School explore the value of their bushland.


I prefer to do my computing on an Apple Macintosh.

A long time ago I helped with NetDay WA - volunteers bringing the Internet to schools for free!

I captured these images of the McNaught comet in Harvey, Western Australia on the evening of 20 January 2006.

It's possible you might be interested in my sense of humour.

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