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On board the Leeuwin II

  About the Tall Ship Leeuwin

Leeuwin II is Western Australia's own Tall Ship,
a 3-masted barquentine with over 810 square metres of sail
and a length overall of 55 metres.

The ship is operated by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation,
a private non-profit organisation based in Fremantle, Western Australia.


On board the Leeuwin II as as Senior Ecologist for the Great Southern Voyage of Environmental Discovery (February 2000)


The the Leeuwin II in Lucky Bay - view from Mississippi Hill, Cape Le Grand National Park.


Coming ashore in the dory.



Botanising on board the the Leeuwin II.

The mottley crew (well some...)

On board the Leeuwin II as Botanist for the re-enactment of the French scientific expedition of 1801 captained by Captain Nicolas Baudin. (May 2001).

Ray Wills and Ross Shardlow as
the Luminary Supernumeries.

The Luminary Supernumeries  

Composed by Ray and Ross for the Sods Opera
When on board the Leeuwin
You learn more than just sailin' and crewin'
You experience life and fun and winning
And that, with each ending, a new beginning
We'll tell you tales of ship wrecks
And of ancient hulks and rust flecks
But while their crews are dead (some buried)
They live on in the stories we've said
Some stories are older than the ships themselves
(and no, we're not talking of dwarves, fairies or elves)
But talks of Gondwana, Eucalypt and Acacia
And of 'roos and wombats and honey possums found here



We are the luminary supernumeries
We can drone on in all categories
Of rocks and plants and histrorical facts
We have surprisingly entertaining acts


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